Uttar Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board

Government of Uttar Pradesh


Question 1: To whom, loan facility?

Answer: Following are eligible for assistance provided by Khadi and Village Industry.

  1. Registered village industry cooperative societies.
  2. Registered NGO
  3. Individual entrepreneur and educated non-employed youth, women, SC/ST members and traditional artisan.

Question 2: For what village industry, assistance is provided?

Answer: Village Industry is divided into 7 groups, which covers following industry:

1. Mineral based Industry

  1. Cottage pot making industry
  2. Lime stone, Lime sipi and other lime product industry
  3. Stone cutting, crushing, carving and digging for temples and building.
  4. Useful product made up of stones.
  5. Manufacturing of plate and slate pencil.
  6. Manufacturing of Plaster of Paris.
  7. Washing powder for utensils.
  8. Briquettes for fire.
  9. Manufacturing of jewelry from gold, silver, stone, pearl and artificial goods.
  10. Manufacturing of Gulal, Rangoli.
  11. Manufacturing of bangles.
  12. Manufacturing of Paint, Polish, Varnish and Distemper.
  13. Manufacturing of glass toys.
  14. Cutting, designing and polishing of decorative glass.
  15. Cutting of Gems.

2. Forest based Industry

  1. Hand made paper industry.
  2. Manufacturing of Catechu (Kattha).
  3. Manufacturing of Gum and Resin.
  4. Manufacturing of lakh.
  5. Cottage Match box industry, Crackers and Agarbatti.
  6. Bamboo and cane (Bet) work.
  7. Manufacturing of cup, dish, bags, box from paper.
  8. Manufacturing of copy, cover, envelop, register and other stationary made of paper.
  9. Manufacturing of Khas tatti and Broom.
  10. Collection, processing and packing of forest product.
  11. Photo Framing.
  12. Manufacturing of jute products (Under yarn industry).