Uttar Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Decision Process

Board is an autonomous regulatory body in which Board of Director at the top and Assistant Development Officer at the lowest level discharge duties of different level and take decision in their limit in a transparent manner.

In the interest of public, government can issue direction to the Board under section 16 of the Act. Board of Director takes following decision from time to time:

  1. All policy matters.
  2. Matters related to establishment of Group “A”.
    There is provision of quarterly meeting of Board of Director but meeting can be called earlier, If required.
  3. Proceeding of the meeting is written in proceeding register which is available to general public for their perusal.
  4. Chief Executive Officer has the authority to take all administrative decision.
    Implementation of decision at Board level is done by Chief Executive Officer and sub ordinate officers.
    Selection of beneficiary is done by district level committee organized under the chairmanship of Regional Officers which comprises of Lead Bank Officer of the Bank, District Manager, NABARD, and General Manager (District Industry Center).District Village Industry officer works as member secretary.
    District Village Industry Officer forwards the loan application form of the selected and recommended beneficiary to concerned bank. When the application is sanctioned, margin money/interest subsidy is directly sent to bank.