Uttar Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Village Industries Scheme

"Khadi" means handspun natural fiber cloth of cotton, silk or wool or mix of any two yarn on handloom in India.

"Village Industry" means any such industry situated in rural area which manufacture goods without use of power or provide services and permanent capital investment (Plant and Machinery and Land, Building) is not more than Rs.50000 per artisan. In this definition of “Village area”, all revenue village and towns of more than 20,000 populations is included.


Monitoring will be done at state/regional/national level.

Backward and forward Linkage

Fund will be made available for backward and forward linkage under the scheme in the form of the services.

Industry Group

Following village industry/projects has been categorized into seven groups under the area of operation of Khadi and Village Industry.

Eligible probable village industry

(1) Cottage pot making industry(2)Checkers Tiles/Cement Net/Interlocking bricks industry(3) Stone cutting, grinding, carving and digging for temples and building(4) Useful product made up of stones(5) Manufacturing of plate and slate pencil(6) Manufacturing of jewelry from silver, stone, pearl and artificial goods(7) Manufacturing of Gulal, Rangoli(8) Manufacturing of Gulal, Rangoli(9) Manufacturing of Paint, Polish, Varnish and Distemper(10)Toys made of snails.(11) Cutting, designing and polishing of decorative glass(12) Cutting of Gems.

Group II. Forest based Industry

(13)Hand made paper industry(14)Manufacturing of Catechu (Kattha).(15)Manufacturing of Gum and Resin(16)Manufacturing of lakh(17)Cottage Match box industry, Crackers and Agarbatti(18)Bamboo and cane (Bet) work(19)Manufacturing of cup, dish, bags, box from paper(20)Manufacturing of copy, cover, envelop, register and other stationary made of paper(21)Manufacturing of Khas tatti and Broom(22)Collection, processing and packing of forest product(23)Photo Framing(24)Manufacturing of jute products (Under yarn industry).

Group III. Agriculture based and Food industry

(25)Processing, packing and marketing of Grains, Pulses, Spices etc(26)manufacturing of Noodle(27) Power driven flour mill(28) Production of wheat cuttings.(29)Mini rice mills and dal (pulse) mill(30)Manufacturing of date palm(Tar) and gur and other tar product(31)Manufacturing of Cane gur and Khandsari(32) Indian Sweet industry(33)Sugar cane crushing unit(34)Bee keeping(35)Processing, preservation and packing of pickles and fruits and vegetables(36)Mustard oil Industry(37)Coconut Jata and Resha(38) Menthol oil(39)Collection of medicinal herbs for manufacturing of medicines(40)Processing of maize and ragi(41)Decorative works ,Manufacturing of decorative mat and necklace(42)Processing of cashew nut(43)Manufacturing of dona from leaves (44)Milk Product manufacturing Unit(45)Animal feed and Poultry feed manufacturing unit.

Group IV. Polymer and Chemical based Industry

(46)Post-mortem of animal, leather processing and skin related other industry and cottage leather industry(47)Cottage soap industry(48)Dipped Latex Production (Rubber Product)(49)Products made of rexin /PVC(50)Elephant teeth, Horn and bone products(51)Manufacturing of candles, camphor and wax for stamp(52)Manufacturing of plastic packaging material(53)Manufacturing of (Henna) Mehandi. (54)Manufacturing of perfumes (55) Manufacturing of shampoo (56) Manufacturing of hair oil (57) Detergent and washing powder (Non-poisonous)

Group V. Engineering and Non-conventional Energy

(58)Carpentry(59)Blacksmith(60)Production of Domestic utensils made of Aluminum(60)Production and utilization of manures and methane(dung) gas from dung and other waste products like meat of dead animals and excretory waste etc(62)Manufacturing of paper, clip, safety pin, (63)manufacturing of stove pin(64)Worm keeping and disposal of waste(65)Manufacturing of decorative bulbs, bottles, glass etc(66)Manufacturing of umbrella(67)Solar and wind mill equipment(68)Manufacturing of hand made bronze utensils(69) Manufacturing of hand made copper utensils(70)Manufacturing of other items from brass, copper and bronze(71)Manufacturing of Radio, Manufacturing of Cassette player (72)Manufacturing of artistic furniture and carving on woods(73) Manufacturing of Electronic watches and alarm watches(74) Manufacturing of artistic furniture and carving on woods(75)Tin work(76)motor winding(77)Manufacturing of wire mesh(78)Manufacturing of Iron Grill(79)Manufacturing of Rural Transport Vehicle such as hand cart, bullock cart, small boat, bicycle/ Rickshaw-Motor driven vehicles(80)Manufacturing of Musical instruments.

Group VI. Textiles

(81) Hosiery (82)Sewing and manufacturing of readymade garments(83) Painting(84) Manufacturing of toys and dolls(85) Manufacturing of Threads Roll, wool balls and lachchhi (86)Kashmiri Embroidery(87)Manufacturing of surgical bandage(88)Stove Wick (batti).

Group VII. Service Industry

(89)Washing (90) Hair cutting (91) Plumbering (92) Electric wiring and repairing of domestic electronic appliances(93)Repairing of diesel engines, pump set etc(94) Balkanization (Retreading) unit of Tyre (95) Spray {97) Pump sets for Agriculture work etc(98) Loud speaker(99)Providing Loud Speaker, Mike and sound system on rent(100)Mason (Rajgir)(101) Band party(102) Vegetarian Dhaba(Without liquor)(103) Vegetarian Dhaba (With liquor)(104)Tea shop(105)Automobile workshop.

List of Prohibited Work

Industry related to non-vegetarian food-processing and canning of meat or serving meat food, production and sale of intoxicating material like Biri, Pan, Cigar, Cigarette etc. ,Hotel or Dhaba where liquor or non vegetarian food is served, use of tobacco as raw material, extraction and sale of Toddy, Industry related to cultivation of crops with garden of tea, coffee, rubber etc., Sericulture, Horticulture with Floriculture, Fishery, Piggery, Poultry, Animal Husbandry, manufacturing of polythene bags of thickness less than 20 micron causing environmental pollution and bags or containers made of recycled plastic or any other product which can harm environment, rural transport(Except Auto-rickshaw in Andaman and Nicobar, House boat, Shikara ,tourist boat and Cycle Rickshaw in Jammu and Kashmir).For more details, contact office of Khadi and Village Industry Commission/District Village Industry Office, Uttar Pradesh/Khadi and Village Industry Board/District industry Centre/nearest branch of Bank.