Uttar Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Khadi Development Scheme

Khadi Vikash Yojna

"Khadi" means handspun natural fiber cloth of cotton, silk or wool or mix of any two yarn on handloom in India.

"Village Industry" means any such industry situated in rural area which manufacture goods without use of power or provide services and permanent capital investment (Plant and Machinery and Land, Building) is not more than Rs.50000 per artisan. In this definition of “Village area”, all revenue village and towns of more than 20,000 populations is included.

Development of Khadi has an important place in industrial development in economically backward state, Uttar Pradesh.80% of the rural population is based on agriculture to whom Khadi is the only source which can increase the income of the rural artisan and labor in their village itself by use of local raw material available in the village and labor thereby creating opportunity for additional employment and increase in their income.

Earlier, this scheme was started by Khadi Board with the assistance of state government under Khadi and Village Industry. In which the farmer spin and weave using Charkha, Sudarshan Charkha and Looms in their houses. Slowly technically improved new models 6,8,12 and improved loom came into existence which improved the quality of the khadi cloths.

Presently, Khadi Vikash Yojna is being implemented in the state by providing assistance from state government and Khadi and Village Industry Commission to registered institution/societies and individual entrepreneur. This scheme is the only source of providing employment to more people in small investment.